Confidential letter

October 2000:

Letter1. Mysterious Russia (FREE)

Letter2. Evolution or Revolution (FREE)

November 2000:

Letter3. Russia needs good... (FREE)

December 2000:

Letter4. Israel - Palestine (FREE)

January 2001:

Letter5. The United Nations (FREE)

Letter6. Nuclear Imperative (FREE)

February 2001:

Letter7. Soviet Strategy... (FREE)
Letter8. Islam In Russia (FREE)


Are you interested in knowing and understanding Russia? 

We think many people are. This nation is not only at the crossroads. It went over a brink. 

Perestroika and reforms have failed. Russia is on the road to New Vision, New Deal, New Foreign Policy.

"GROMYKO'S CONFIDENTIAL LETTER" (GCL) will bring to you the inside information about these developments. GCL is a monthly electronic edition.

Do you want to know about New Geopolitics of Russia? Try to understand national interests of Russia in the post-cold war world? Are you looking for trends in the new Russia foreign policy? What about Russia and Globalization? Is it important for you to be sure Who is Who in Russian politics? Are you at a loss who is pulling the strings in Russian top echelons of power? 

If your answer to these and many other facinating questions is "YES", than GCL is for you. 

Anatoli and Alexei Gromyko, the son and grandson of the most long serving foreign minister in the XX-th century - Andrei Gromyko, together with influencial associates, will deliver to you information that be neither pro-conservative or pro-liberal. It will be honest and true, objective and independent. GCL has no affiliation to any government, political, political or business institutions. 


Gromyko's, as dimonds, are forever. Belive it or not, but Andrei Gromyko is with us, he gives us advice. 

GCL is a valuable sort of information and analysis for people who want to evaluate political and economic events in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). 

Our sources of information are in the government, parliament, regions and business community. We are aware of events before they happen. 

Don't miss a chance to become an active player in Russia. Time marches on. It brings the best to those who keep their ears close to the grass-roots.