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CENTRE FOR POLICY EVALUATION (CPE) unites Russian and foreign political scientists, politicians, economists who persue an aim of analisys of Russian domestic and external politics. An object of CPE's activities - to contribute to political and socio-economic development of Russia, to the well-being of its citizens.CPE analizes and works out recommendations on acute and strategic directions of Russian politics, on international situation around Russia. CPE cooperates with Russian and foreign think tanks and mass media to promote its ideas and research results. To this aim CPE is open to mutual projects with Russian and foreign research centres and political organisations. CPE specializes on further problems: 

bullet- Foreign policy of Russia;
bullet- New Geopolitical and national interests of Russia;
bullet- Limits of self-determination rights, preservation of territorial integrity of Russian Federation;
bullet- Resolution of Russian and bordering local and regional conflicts;
bullet- Renovation of Centre-Left ideology;
bullet- Russian-USA relations; 
bullet- Russian interests in Western Europe, Russin-British relations;
bullet- Russia and the world of Islam, Russia and Iran;
bullet- Russian interests in the Meditteranian region, Russia and Cyprus;
bullet- Economic models: world experience and lessons for Russia; 

Research materials of CPE are published both in print and electronic form. CPE aims to promote its papers to leading Russian and foreign newspapers and journals. CPE carries out its own publishing.

CPE establishes contacts with Russian and foreign academic centres, political parties and social movements. 

The founders of CPE are Anatoli and Alexei Gromyko. The Centre is open to membership of both Russian and foreign individuals and organisations.

CPE's address: Spiridonovka str., 30/1, Institute for African studies, 103001, Moscow; tel.: (495) 202-69-41, fax: (495) 202-07-86; e-mail: alexey@gromyko.ru