Sir, permit me to draw your attention to matters of life and death, which are missing from the arguments of people who support military action against Iraq.

In recent years the nature of war has dramatically changed. The primary casualties of war are civilians, women and children. It is they who are maimed and killed. There are no arguments to justify this situation.

I came to Baghdad with a strong desire to help the USA and Iraq to avert war and save innocent lives of civilians as well as young men in uniform. In the Cuban missile crises many channels of communication were used and they helped to avert war.

At the highest level I have been assured that Iraq is doing everything it can to assist the UN inspectors. In face to face meetings I was also told that Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction. Some new proposals, which may facilitate peace, were put forward.

In humans hope is the last to die. I hope you will listen to the voice of tolerance and reason. War is the last resort and for political leaders it is a sign of a failure.

The United Nations Organisation was created by American President F.D. Roosevelt and the British Prime-Minister W. Churchill with the active participation of the Soviet Union. To say that the UN may become “irrelevant” implies that this unique collective security system may be neglected to the point when it will be destroyed. To declare today that a state or a group of states may go to war, attacking another member of the United Nations without a proper decision of the Security Council, is to endanger global stability.

There exists, Mr. President, a dangerous gap of knowledge and understanding between the West and Islam. A new war against Arabs will widen this gap. The war will feed international terrorism.

The grave danger of terrorism is real, its face is ugly and horrible. Criminal attacks against Russia, the US, Indonesia, Palestinians and Israel prove that terrorists should be resisted with persistence and vigor. Iraqi citizens did not take part in any terrorist attacks against your country.

The clandestine net of terrorism can be destroyed only by the antiterrorist net. Regular armies are incapable to achieve this aim.

The war on terrorism needs a clear direction. We must better understand the roots of terrorism. International community should address long-neglected problems of social and economic nature. Only through “meeting of minds”, as it happened when the UN was created on the American soil in 1945, international community can work out a new ideology of the new world order. Politicians and diplomats alone, without scientists, are unable to implement this job.

Just and Human World Order will appear and take root only when all nations without exception abide by the international law and forsake any desire to use force to impose their demands on others. The United States always defend their sovereignty. Give other people a chance to do the same.

My farther, Andrei Gromyko, participated in the creation of the United Nations Charter at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference together with Assistant Secretary of State Stettinius. In June 1945 Andrei Gromyko signed the UN Charter on behalf of the Soviet Union. He often discussed the role of the UN with me. That strengthens my support of the United Nations.

And the last, perhaps the most important observation. War must not be considered as the continuation of politics by other means. A genuine security is the security for all. A nation cannot claim to be a great nation if it does not know what does it mean to act fairly and generously.



Sincerely, Professor Anatoly Gromyko



February 25