Andrey Gromyko. At the Kremlin labyrinths

Diplomacy as art

Anatoli Gromyko published his latest book "Andrey Gromyko. In the Kremlin's Labirinth" in 1997 (Avtor publishing house, Moscow). The book is a profound contribution to research on the last years of Soviet power and perestroika. Here is its short annotation.

Andrey Gromyko, "diplomat N 1", as he was called in the West and at home in the sixties, seventies and eighties, completely trusted only one man, his son Anatoly, a well-known Russian historian and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Andrey Gromyko during the last years of his life, especially when he retired on a pension, often met with Anatoli and spoke openly about the past, present and future of the world community, in particular, of the Soviet Union. During these talks, Andrey Gromyko shared with his son many of his memories, which for different reasons were not included in the book "Memories", published both in the USSR, Japan and the West. 

Here are only some separate topics of the manuscript: Andrey Gromyko's relations with Stalin, Molotov, Khruschev, Brezhnev, the Soviet-American relations during and after the World War II, Gromyko's vision on the fortunes of the world revolutionary process and reasons of its failures, why the missiles "SS-20" were deployed in Eastern Europe, impression of J.Kennedy, R.Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Cuban missiles crisis, tragic history with the jet "Boeing-747", reasons for entering Afghanistan, Mikhail Gorbachev accession to power, the destinies of perestroika, new thinking and ways of its development, evaluation of Soviet leaders.

We welcome foreign publishers who may be interested in publishing "Andrey Gromyko. In the Kremlin's Labirinth" in foreign languages.

Table of contents


My illness and revelation.
When civilization collapses.
Father: touches to his portrait.

Chapter One: Andrei Gromyko: "My Word in History I Have Spoken."

Andropov's coming to power.
Gromyko and the Soviet foreign policy: strategy and doctrines.
What the minister was proud of.

Chapter Two: Nuclear Djinn and the Cold War.

Moscow versus Washington: the battle for non-nuclear world.
The cold war: how it started.

Chapter Three: The Kremlin's Labyrinth.

How Gorbachev surfaced.
Chernenko's rule.
Who will take the sceptre of power.
How to save the ship.
Andrei Gromyko takes a decision.

Chapter Four: Euphoria of Expectations and Bitterness of Disillusionment.

Fatal appointment.
Gorbachev in power: disintegration instead of creation.
The General Secretary's metamorphoses.

Chapter Five: Disaster Approaches.

The roots of new thinking.
"Statesmanship is not his virtue."
The cult of Gorbachev.

Chapter Six: Gromyko's Diplomacy.

"Diplomacy is a strict lady".
Why did they fail.

Chapter Seven: Munich at Malta.

Chapter Eight: What to Expect from the Russians.

On russian society elite.
A way to civil society.

Chapter Nine: The Time for Resolute Actions.

Chapter Ten: The New Foreign Policy for Russia.